Schematic Name Category Pinned
Clothing and Armor Crafting Tool Artisan
Food and Chemical Crafting Tool Artisan
Starship Crafting Tool Artisan
Crafted Armor Color Kit Artisan
Lightsaber Crafting Toolkit Artisan
Advanced Control Unit Artisan
Vehicle Customization Kit Artisan
Electronics GP Module Artisan
Electronics Memory Module Artisan
Type 18 Firework Artisan
Micro Sensor Suite Artisan
Control Unit Artisan
Advanced Micro Sensor Suite Artisan
Droid Reconstruction Kit - A Artisan
Power Conditioner Artisan
Type 11 Firework Artisan
Type 5 Firework Artisan
Type 3 Firework Artisan
Weapon, Droid, and General Item Crafting Tool Artisan
Energy Distributor Artisan
Structure and Furniture Crafting Tool Artisan
Droid Reconstruction Kit - B Artisan
Droid Repair Kit - A Artisan
Type 1 Firework Artisan
Generic Crafting Tool Artisan
Type 2 Firework Artisan
Droid Repair Kit - B Artisan
Type 10 Firework Artisan
Gas Pocket Survey Device Artisan
Mineral Survey Device Artisan
Type 4 Firework Artisan
Droid Decal Kit Artisan
Structure Customization Kit Artisan
Droid Customization Kit Artisan
Geothermal Energy Survey Device Artisan
Droid Battery Artisan
Droid Repair Kit - D Artisan
Droid Reconstruction Kit - C Artisan
Droid Reconstruction Kit - D Artisan
Droid Repair Kit - C Artisan
Fishing Pole Artisan
Flora Survey Tool Artisan
Chemical Survey Device Artisan
Ambient Solar Energy Surveying Tool Artisan
Water Survey Device Artisan
Wind Current Surveying Tool Artisan
Vehicle Lava Resistance Kit Artisan
Vehicle Mod Kit Artisan
Fireworks Show Package Artisan